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Who is Andrea McWilliams?

A person’s destiny is determined by the choices they make as a young person and particularly the kind of education they decide to pursue. For others like Andrea McWilliams, there are other factors that determine their success. From an early age, Andrea McWilliams was destined to succeed as she became the chief of staff at the age of 21. This is a feat that had never being achieved before at such a tender age. Today, she is known as a political fundraiser and strategist from the state of Texas. She is famous for her attention to detail and the ability to combine grace and patience.

Andrea McWilliams not only works for the public sector but also works for the private sector. In the past, she has featured on several media outlets to discuss her ideologies .She has featured on the Fox News, USA Today, NPR as well as BBC and CNN. Other than political engagements and ambitions, Andrea McWilliams speaks for women and believes that they can occupy the same positions occupied by men. As a business woman, Andrea McWilliams is the face behind the firm called McWilliams together with her husband. Despite having different party affiliations, she and her husband can put these differences together and serve clients to their level best.

Outside politics, Andrea McWilliams, is also known for her involvement with several philanthropic causes such as the All Stars foundation that focuses on helping the less privileged people in Texas. She serves on the board of several organizations such as Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Mexi-Arte Museum and HeartGift. She also serves on other boards such as Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, St. David’s Hospital Toast and Art-house.

She has also being recognized for her good work by several awards such as the Profiles in Power Awards and the Texas Women Chambers award.


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