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Jason Hope Gives His Take On Airlines Wiring In

Recently, entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor Jason Hope offered his insight about how airlines are plugging into the internet in a variety of ways. Wireless connections are transforming the way companies are operating, including air carriers. For example, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 is connected to a wireless network that allows information to be shared in real-time about the condition of the plane. Imagine a plane in mid-air as mechanics are setting up on the run way and preparing to conquer needed repairs reported through wireless connections.

An additional way being “wired in” is making a huge difference in air travel is through customer service. Flyers can check in by using their phones before ever stepping foot in an airport. This convenience factor allows the opportunity for a smoother flying experience for travelers. The future of airline customer service may even involve the tracking of flyers in the airport to help flyers who are lost get redirected to their gate or flyers who are waiting find a place to pass time.

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Arizona native Jason Hope completed a bachelors degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, also at Arizona State University. He has devoted his career to creating a brighter future through philanthropic efforts, like supporting the SENS foundation.

The SENS foundation works to fight diseases that deteriorate health in old age, disease like Alzheimers. Hope also supports technology development and as an investor, he offers grants to students who submit thoughtful ideas.


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