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Hedge Fund Manager And Philanthropist- George Soros

George Soros who is a Hedge fund manager is considered to be one of the most politically powerful man on earth. He began restructuring the political landscape of different countries in the world since the 1980s. George Soros has even gone to the extent of playing the role of tumbling regimes that has reined the nation for years. George Soros is also a great contributor of the United States of America politics. Mr. George Soros has been contributing to the political world through his time and resources which are derived from assets of about $13 billion.

However, George Soros sees his contribution as a passion and him as a missionary of with a marvelous mandate to transform the world into a better place with the best institutions. For a long period, Soros has been considered as the voice to the sense of grandiosity, and he has been doing this in a variety of ways. Mr. George is an author who has written several books including; under writing democracy which he wrote in 1991, and in 1987 he wrote the Alchemy of finance. In his books, George Soros talks then the truth about himself. In his books, George confesses that he has seen himself as vital and a messianic from a young age.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on 12th August 1930. Soros is a no-practicing Jews. George began his career when serving at London Brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander. George later moved to New York to work as a stock trader on Wall Street. His exposure and experience in the financial sector On Politico, led George to established Double Eagle fund in 1969. The firm expanded and he renamed the firm to Soros Fund and later to Quantum fund.

George Soros is not only a hedge fund expert, but he is also largely involved in charitable community activities on Biography. Soros began his philanthropic activities in 1989 in his country of origin by founding Open Society Foundation. As years went by, he began to make donations to various groups and charitable organizations in his country. Open Society has expanded and now has operations in more than 70 countries. In 1993 Gorge Soros launched the flagship of Soros Foundation in New York. The foundation was named Open Society Institution and has extended its services and contribution to several nations. George Soros is also a big supporter of the refuges and in 2106 he made enormous contributions of about $500 million to companies and organizations managed by immigrants and refugees. Over the years Mr. Soros has also given gifts to several immigrants’ organizations on Forbes.

George Soros is a go-getter, and he is very determined to not only see his goals come to pass but also the goals and dreams of others. George attended London School of Economics.

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