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Former Banker Mike Baur Leaps Into Startup Acceleration

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory which is headquartered in Z├╝rich. Baur spent several years in the banking industry including positions as the Head of Private Banking for both Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank AG. The Swiss news source announced in 2014 that Mike Baur had quit the field of banking and gone into business for himself.

The first company he founded was Bainso where he worked with Swiss startups that showed promise. Mike Baur lent the entrepreneurs behind these companies not only his extensive expertise but also his broad network of venture investors. At the time Baur said that the primary difficulty startups face with financing is finding the right transaction at the right time. He went on to say that he helped entrepreneurs develop sustainable strategies and how to implement them.

At Swiss Startup Factory, which was founded in 2015, Baur has refined how to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground by developing the company’s 3 month Acceleration Program. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs go from an idea to market in 3 months time. The services that Swiss Startup Factory offers it clients is a collaborative workspace, mentoring, expert input, and a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors to support them.

Mike Baur also came up with the idea of “Founders Stories” on the Swiss Startup Factory website that features entrepreneurs talking about what made them successful when launching a business, especially the disruptive, creative ones that the company specializes in. In Mike Baur’s Founders Story he talks about his experiences launching businesses and his history in banking. One of the things he talks about is how traditional the world of banking is and how he is anything but traditional. He was excited to leave the world of banking behind and instead launch into a career where he helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams. He also discusses how if you expect to launch a new company it requires a really good work ethic as a lot of hard work is necessarily involved.

Among the startups that Mike Baur is currently working with is Avaneo which is developing a technically advanced automated accounting system for small businesses. Another interesting company Baur supports is WeaVR which will offer a social virtual reality experience. Their technology will allow people to virtually share their stories with others that make use of photos, video, and VR media.


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