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Entering into the World of Brilliant Risk Takers



James Dondero is the Co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. He studied accounts and finance at Virginia University. At the time, his desire was to go for real estate investing but he changed his career path and went on to credit.


Professional Life


James Dondero was making $1 billion in a period of five years after his graduation. He and co-founder Mark Okada, partnered with an insurance company in 1993. They started what is known today as Highland Capital Management. The company is in Dallas and has hired 165 people. In 2012, Dondero and his group turned their focus on Argentina and after surveying the country, they concluded that it would limit any losses. His company offers mutual fund investors liquid and cheap entry to its investments ideas.


As an investor, James relies heavily on solving perplexing situations because he counts it as one of his strengths. He is a bold man and taking risks is how he gets by. He has not only found interest with Argentina but also the American Airlines. Many of us look at bankrupt institutions as a lost cause. But James is not one of those people. He managed to find value in Texas Energy Company which had gone bankrupt. This is not only remarkable but also shows the kind of risk taker he is.


About Highland Capital Management


Highlands is a company that has gained a good reputation through the management of James and his partner. Through them, the company takes risks that would otherwise not be taken by traditional managers. The company has started giving out donor funds by giving $3.5 million a year. This is a something that Dondero has described as a move similar to that of the Global Allocation Fund. By doing so, he wants the company to leave a legacy when it comes to giving and making an impact that will be felt by the society.

Through his company, James Dondero is a man well respected in the investment world. He has gone beyond the conventional way and introduced us to the world of making worthwhile risks.


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