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Dr. Walden Moves Back to Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has established herself as one of the most prolific plastic surgeons in all of the United States. She has a home in Texas, but she has managed to become a doctor of plastic surgery that is known around the world. Much of this has to do for her appearances on television shows like VH1. She has also been a correspondent for news programs when it comes to plastic surgery technology and the advancements in technology procedures for plastic surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden was well known in Manhattan before she came back home to Austin, Texas. It was in Manhattan that she established herself as a plastic surgeon through her practice. She would go on to become one of the hottest plastic surgeons in Manhattan, but she had family roots in Texas, and she wanted to move back home for the sake of her children. She wanted her children to have access to her immediate family, and this is what led her to return. Dr. Walden would start her practice again in Texas and build up a clientele that was just as huge as the client base she had in Manhattan. People that are interested in seeing her work can check out some of the patient photos for before and after pictures that are listed on the website. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also an author that has co-wrote a book about plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven that she is one of the best when it comes to working with people that are interested in plastic surgery. She has the ability to assess what will be the best option for what patients are interested in. Her consultation gives patients an idea of what they can expect in concerns of the end result of the desired procedures and to know more visit @

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