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Don Ressler Understands The New Model For Fashion Retail

The Early Days Of Online Retail
Online retail wasn’t something everyone was certain was going to work in its early days. This is why geniuses like Don Ressler had to play their part. Thanks to his hard work we now know how to create the perfect fashion retail business from scratch and see too it that the business succeeds. There are few who have ever achieved his level of success in fashion, but there are many who have been inspired.

His Relationship With Adam Goldenberg
His biggest success would come after his relationship with Adam Goldenberg took off. According to, the duo would eventually create JustFab. A fashion retailer focusing on giving customers online an experience similar to shopping in person, it was an instant success. People would subscribe to JustFab in order to buy clothes meant just for them. This model eventually led to millions of loyal customers who remain with the brand even to this day. Always happy to do business, the duo went even further with the creation of another brand using the same model as JustFab but with a new more athletic focus.

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The Success Of Fabletics
Fabletics had the same model as JustFab, but the overall concept was different in a number of ways. Instead of focusing on giving people a product that would allow them to focus on an active lifestyle. The word quickly got out about this new brand and people aroundthe world flocked to the website of Fabletics. Even today the brand has managed to create something even greater than what it started out as. Originally, this brand was intended to serve primarily as an extension of what JustFab was offering to its customers. Today it is so much more than that.

Where He Is Now
Don Ressler is currently working on ways to take Fabletics into the real world. The online website currently has 4 real world locations where customers can buy the products found online. He understands that while online shopping is certainly important, people want to have what they want when they want. This is why physical locations are a part of the success of any fashion store in America. Ressler’s plans are to take it to new heights and open up stores across the country with Fabletics products. If what we’ve seen is any indication there is plenty to look out for in the future.

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