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Vincent Parascandola’s expertise in Finance and Insurance

Vincent Parascandola is a knowledgeable finance professional who has served the insurance industry for many years. He also has excellent administration skills and currently serves AXA Advisors as its senior executive VP. AXA Advisors is the United States division of AXA, which is a French company that is renowned for providing excellent insurance and finance solutions. The firm has grown since its founding in 1816 and is currently ranked among the world’s leading providers of finance services. Parascandola’s responsibility at AXA Advisors is to head its 225 finance professionals who supply its products in New Jersey. The company also trusts him as the recruiter of its new insurance agents and maintaining its revenue margins as it works towards accomplishing productivity objectives.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola has been an employee of AXA Advisors since May 2005. He joined the company more than a decade ago and served as its executive vice president. Vincent once acted as the vice president of MONY Group, which is a company that was purchased by AXA Advisors in 2005. His finance knowledge and experience enabled him to be retained by the firm after the acquisition. Vincent also worked for Prudential Insurance where was hired as one of its agents. His first employer was Irving Trust Company, and he acted as a systems analyst. Parascandola got his finance expertise at the Lubin School of Business, which is a college that is at the Pace University. He has managed to build an excellent reputation in the industry and has been invited as a speaker at major workshops and conferences across the country.

Vincent works closely with AXA Advisor’s insurance professionals to distribute the products of the company in different parts of the United States. The firm’s primary services are employee benefits packages, annuities, and life insurance policies. The employees of the company are well informed on the provision of investment brokerage solution and developing retirement accounts for various individuals. Parascandola has been striving to work in close collaboration with businesses and families in creating unique insurance products that solve their needs. He is highly knowledgeable in customer service and in handling sales and marketing undertakings. Vincent coaches finance professional to provide the best services to the clients.