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Whitney Wolfe Brings Back The Fun In Dating

Dating was meant to be fun. Unfortunately, many people take it very seriously and put so much pressure on themselves to succeed. The irony is that many people wind up falling flat on their face. One of the reasons that dating is such a chore for some people is that it is very hard to find someone to date. It doesn’t matter what source they use. Even dating apps can make it challenging for people to find a date. This is why Whitney Wolfe has decided to develop Bumble. Bumble makes it easier for people to find dates because of the way it is set up to work for the user.

Whitney Wolfe has made it so that women can respond to men. They have to respond to a match within 24 hours. Therefore, the woman has to respond quickly before she loses her opportunity. Like other apps, Bumble has the swipe feature which adds to the fun of these apps. However, there is still an issue to address. Whitney Wolfe, like other women, would advise one to focus more on having fun when they land the date. After all, dates are for good times. No one goes on a date to be miserable.

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One of the best ways to have fun on a date is to make sure one is matched. This is one of the reasons that it is only good for people to be honest about themselves. They will be able to find someone who likes them for who they are. This takes away a lot of the pressure that they put on themselves when they are dating. The fact that they already know that the person likes them for who they are is going to make a huge difference to people while they are on a date.

Todd Lubar’s Venture into the Real Estate and Finance Industry

Upon venturing into the world of real estate in 1995, Todd Lubar discovered that Finance and Real Estate would be his life long career. In the beginning, Lubar worked in the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator where he learned the conservative mortgage banking aspects. While at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Lubar gained immense knowledge and significant experience in the mortgage banking. Besides, Lubar would spend time with insurance agents, financial planners, CPA’s, and real estate agents.

Legendary Properties LLC

According to his page, at Legal Financial Group, Todd assumed the mantle of an equity financing officer in 1999. The position honed his understanding of financial services aspects by providing outside investors with broker loan. By the year 2002, Lubar had gained an extensive background in the world of business. As a result, he opened a residential development company, the Legendary Properties LLC. Todd Lubar’s involvement and commitment to the operations of the Legendry Properties LLC’s brought significant transformation. Through Lubar’s efforts, the company realized rapid development in sales, rehabilitation, purchases, and the profit margin. In fact, the firm experienced more than 200 transactions ranging from multi-unit family to single family. As such, Todd Lubar established multiple relationships with many banking institutions that were willing to provide high credits.

Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation was launched in 2003. Charter Funding is one of the largest privately-owned mortgage company ever to exist in the United States. The establishment of Charter Funding opened the path to wealth programs and products and gave Todd Lubar an opportunity to expand. Leveraging his immense knowledge in observing market trends, Todd established the Legendary Financial, LLC with a focus on underserved clients. Charter Funding would provide financial aid companies and high-net-worth individuals. Todd Lubar honed his risk analysis skill while working at Charter Funding.

Besides real estate and financing, Todd was instrumental in the formation of various successful businesses between 2007 and 2008. Furthermore, he contributed significantly to the Automotive Scrap metal recycling. Todd Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and two children. For more info, visit


Is Jason Hope The Real Deal?

Jason Hope has laid out a very successful business plan that other people can follow to better themselves. Though we all have different strengths and weaknesses, he is a living testament on how to get things done progressively and efficient. The guy has literally changed the game for the better thanks to his brilliant way of thinking.

Technology is his passion and he’s parlayed it into a very successful career in such a short period of time. Jason Hope is at the pinnacle of his game and he’s using his expertise, knowledge, and know-how to better society and here is why.

Having such a huge heart, Jason Hope has done many amazing things such as donating to charitable organizations and investments. The SENS Foundation is where this guy spends much of his time now days and it focuses on finding cures for today’s diseases. Illnesses like Alzheimers, Anti-Aging, Heart & Lung Disease are all studied here. This advanced foundation is looking to better and enrich lives, which is what has drawn Hope’s interest. Some of the steps that Hope and SENS Foundation stands by is to discover your passion, figure out if you want to make a difference on a national/local level, donating your time/funding, and rigorous research.

Follow Jason Hope @jasonhope

Jason Hope just has so much going for himself compared to many of his peers. He has a MBA and a Degree in Finance from Arizona State University, he’s invested in many successful businesses, and he’s always looking for the next best thing in technology. His business portfolio is what dreams are made of as it has allowed him to earn a very profitable living. As technology will always change, Jason Hope will be there in various ways of making it much more innovative.

Learn more about Jason Hope:’s-30-stock-increase-200173084

Christanna Bevin Scaling Leadership Heights

Christanna Bevin is a professional service manager. She is highly experienced and has an excellent background in commercial and administration management, procurement, project control, and contract management in construction and resource departments. Christanna Bevin is a result oriented person, energetic and flexible in her passion in management. Christanna bevin has worked as project controls and commercial specialist, senior project control manager, senior project controls specialist, and project controls manager. Besides these titles, Christanna Bevin has also been a member of Australian Institute of Project Management and a member of the board of Project Management Institute.

Christanna Bevin held the position of the senior project controls Manager at Oakjee Port and Rail, from January 2010 to May 2011. In this organization, she trained a team of specialists who had to work for three financial years on the management of eleven stalls on PSMC companies. Christanna Bevin offered much in mentorship and supervision of this team which achieved an excellent output. Christanna Bevin assisted in the development of OPR project control systems. The project earned value to the organization in revenue maximization and good quality of production.

From the year 2007 to 2010, Christanna Bevin worked with Chelopech Mining EAD, located in Bulgaria as a project controls manager. In this company, Christanna was responsible for the commercial management, project controls, and supervision of nine staffs, who utilized the contract goals achievement. Christanna worked in foreseeing and estimating the support and monitoring of Mine Capital and Operations Sustaining(EPCM) project satisfaction. Also, Bevin collaborated with the capital management on this project. She developed an integrated schedule and cost control systems, which depicted cash flow and monthly cash-in-cash-out for the organization.

Christanna worked at Consulting and Contract Support Company for a whole year, from March 2006 to August 2007. In this company, her work can be recognized as she offered quality specialist controls to customer service department. Being a passionate and an expert in management, she provided many recommendations in organization structure change and monitoring of the company’s funds all over her working period. Its owners in Qatar noted christanna bevin efforts and recommended her report.


christanna bevin

Atlanta Hawks and Levenson Sues AIG Insurance

Recently, the AHBE (Atlanta Hawks, Basketball and Entertainment company) filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire based insurance company AIG. The cause for this action came about due to a one Danny Ferry, a former general manager for the Atlanta Sea Hawks basketball team who filed for a large settlement during his break from the company. According to the AHBE, the police they received from AIG insurance was supposed to cover work place torts as well as wrongful termination and should have covered the claims made by Mr. Ferry. However, AIG Insurance disagreed and refused to pay a single solitary cent prompting Bruce Levenson, the former controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks and AHBE to file a civil action suit against the massive insurance company in a attempt to force AIG to pay for the costs covered under the previously stated claims made by Mr. Ferry.

The case has garnered a above average amount of attention due to the participation of Mr. Levenson, who is quite well known outside of the world of sports as both a prominent business man and prolific philanthropist. Mr. Bruce Levenson also has a extensive background in legal matters from his time in Law School, a small detail that could well play a role in the case.

The lawsuit was filed on the 13th of September of this year in the superior court of Fulton County. As of right now the current presiding regime for the Atlanta Sea Hawks have only made on public statement on the matter. The higher ups of corporate for the well known Basketball team stated only that the lawsuit bore no connection to them or the team, as both Mr. Ferry and Mr. Levenson no longer have direct ties to the company or the team and thus should be left to the previously mentioned parties to comment upon.

For more info, refer to Mr. Levenson’s Wikipedia bio and personal website:



Maggie Gill–CEO of MUMC–Brings Eon Health Onboard as a Positive Plan Solution for the MUMC Client:

Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial University Medical Center, (MUMC), in Savannah, Georgia has made a bold, and positive move, in the right direction. She has announced the marriage of the health plan provider–Eon Health with MUMC. Ms. Gill has stated, in so many words, that she is a strong advocate of wellness. She liked the idea, that like her, Eon Health, (a healthcare provider, operating in two sectors of the south) is equally focused on the idea of wellness. She partnered with the organization, after realizing how cost-effective the plan was for the consumer.


Ms. Gill, is well-known for her relative awareness in addressing the healthcare client’s needs, at affordable levels of pricing: at the same time delivering superior service. She maintains this objective and is addressing yet another concern of her growing healthcare community–attaining affordable healthcare plans–which fully meet the expectations of the clients she serves.


Eon Health is an exceptional healthcare plan provider. It is well-established and is very focused on the customer. It combines the right attitude, with a positive health care plan. This is the type of solution, Ms. Gill, was seeking. She knows her client is savvy and smart, when it comes to rising healthcare costs. She makes it her goal to reduce any unnecessary expenditures as much as possible. She trims fat where items are no longer a necessity: items that, at one time, served a purpose; however, are no longer needed. She allocates funds, too, toward areas inside of the healthcare institution, that require funding.


She has a track record of properly managing departments, and overseeing complex areas where pricing is not always so easy to determine. In example, Ms. Gill oversees the internal audit function of the hospital. She oversees this area along with many other critical areas inside of the healthcare institution.


So: Ms. Gill is no stranger in assuring the client receives superior service, and at the same time receives those fundamental services without selling the farm.


Conclusively, Maggie Gill and MUMC have made a good move in joining forces with progressive and well-informed Eon Health.


Talk Fusion Video Chat Wins 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Come August 15th, the chat product of Talk Fusion’s revolutionary video was recognized in the Technology Marketing Corporation Year Award as the communications product of year 2016. The award was the second in the same year from the innovative media giant. The award honors remarkable services and products that motivate video, data and voice communications brought to market or highly enhanced over the last twelve months. The TMC CEO Rich Tehrani highlighted how he had the pleasure to honor the award recipients stating that those represented the best solutions and products available in the market currently. Utilizing the force of WebRTC innovation, Talk Fusion Video Chat permits clients to do communication face to face with anybody, anyplace, on any gadget, whether cell phone, desktop PC or tablet. The Video Chat application is accessible in the iTunes and Google Play Stores. This second honor exhibits the proceeded energy behind this progressive cross-correspondence stage since the full form went live in March of 2016.

Notwithstanding the twofold acknowledgment from TMC, Talk Fusion presented Free Trials, its WebRTC Recorder, and propelled a radical new webpage, – all in under a year. With more fervor in the pipeline outfitted towards assisting Fusion clients and partners reach and awe more clients, it would appear that 2016 is turned out to be Talk Fusion’s greatest year ever. To take in more about the ways Talk Fusion is coming out on top with its Video Marketing Solution, pay a visit to and tail them on Facebook and Twitter.

Home of the world’s initial all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, Talk Fusion is devoted to helping organizations emerge from the competition, and increase profits and sales while ensuring their clients return back. Talk Fusion offers dynamic approaches to make advertising more captivating, essential, and influential using video. The innovative products of Talk Fusion’s are promoted from individual to individual by Independent Associates in over 140 countries. Also 30 day Free Trials comprising of all-in-one Video Marketing Solution are accessible to individuals who wish to give a try before purchase and there is no charge card required. Built up in 2007 by the CEO and Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is committed to giving back to friends, family, animal charities and communities across the globe.

Securus beats out competition, grabs Stevie Award

Prison communications leader, Securus Technologies, has eked out a win at the 2017 Stevie Awards. The hotly contested awards are given to the absolute best companies in the areas of customer service and product excellence. While the final round has not yet been completed, Securus is guaranteed to walk away with at least a Bronze Award. This comes at the end of a year of dramatic expansion and high conquest for the company that, only ten years ago, was teetering on the brink. Today, there is no doubt who the leader of the U.S. prison industry pack is.



You can’t dislike a product that saves your life


The title says it all. A huge part of Securus’ rampant success has been the tendency of its products to demonstrably and measurable lower the worst safety risks that prisons face: unruly and despondent inmates.


One such example is its video visitation products. These products have allowed inmates who, in times past, would have been totally isolated from the outside world to maintain meaningful and daily relationships with their friends and family. This doesn’t just make the inmates happier, it provides a real pressure point for guards to impose good behavior. This is because the privilege to stay in almost constant, face-to-face communications with one’s friends and family while incarcerated is an ability cherished beyond all others. Inmates who face losing this lifeline to the outside world are easily dissuaded from the path of criminal temptation.


Another example is Securus’ suite of investigatory tools. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Securus’ systems have prevented myriad crimes, including plots to kill officers.


These life-saving tools have completely changed the way that prisons within the United States operate, creating a safer, more reformative environment for inmates and dramatically lowering the risk of falling victim to violent, on-the-job assault for officers.

How the USHEALTH Group is devoted to serving its Clients.

The USHEALTH Group is a reputable firm that has majored in providing reliable health insurance to the American people. It comprises of three principal subsidiaries, which are National Foundation Life Insurance Company, Enterprise Life Insurance Company, and Freedom Life Insurance Company. It has been offering its services through them. The company manages operations from its headquarters, which are located in Fort Worth, Texas. It focuses on providing excellent solution that will make it a dependable provider of healthcare to Americans. The subsidiaries of the USHEALTH Group have developed a broad array of solutions for their customers. They provide cover for accidents to self-employed persons, small businesses, particular diseases, life, and family. Over 15 million people have accessed insurance services through the enterprise’s divisions for the past five decades. The company has learned to tailor its products to suit the exact needs of the clients.


The units of the firm have two main rules that they use in offering services. They appreciate the difference between every client and also uses the “one size fits all” when providing services. Its diverse solutions are pocket-friendly and can be utilized by a variety of customers to satisfy their needs. USHEALTH Group guides the clients on how they can access the best care and uses its outstanding customer service to enhance an individual’s decision. It offers a robust claim processing plan. In 2013, the company gained recognition by being among the Top 50 American Call Centers. The USHEALTH Group has managed to set its claim processing and payment plans at equilibrium, and this ensures its smooth operations. It is, therefore, able to offer excellent services to the clients and the Better Business Bureau graded it an A business.


The USHEALTH Group has been distributing its products and services through the USHEALTH Advisors, which is its primary agency. It is registered to sell insurance solutions legally. The advisors give an exceptional buying experience to the clients despite the challenges that are faced in the provisions of health insurance services. It also ensures that the representatives who supply products are well trained and licensed. The USHEALTH Advisors is keen on handing each client closely, and this has made it gain a worldwide appreciation for its creativity and enterprise development. Its outstanding solutions have been attracting more customers to buy its insurance solutions. The USHEALTH Group’s covers are flexible, dependable, creative, and pocket-friendly to the users. They also recognize the varying demands of the clients.


Doug Levitt Brings Us the News with “The Greyhound Diaries”

There is a long custom in U.S. artists taking to the street to investigate, comprehend and attempt to recount the narrative of the tremendous American scene and people that appear to exist past the daily news. The tradition goes on even more significant value in snapshots of national emergency – when a nation battles through financial disaster or political gridlock, knowing about the shared traits that are shared by Americans regardless of how background and location can be important. It can likewise serve to remind the general population in control that a different universe exists past the limitations of their own.

The personal adventure into destitution has been an ordinary thing within the U.S. media outlet for various years as scholars and artists have dependably hoped to bring news of those battling in the public eye to the country’s people. The multimedia artistic project of Doug Levitt, “The Greyhound Diaries”, he is following in this convention with a boundless investigation of U.S. poverty in novel, music and photographic frame. Levitt conveys all these imaginative structures to the fore in his live demonstrates that consolidate narrating as songs, photographic images and personal experiences anticipated all through the exhibitions he provides around the globe.

Doug Levitt spent his childhood in a family that permitted him the chance to appreciate the most ideal training at Cornell University after his mom joined the Washington D.C. council member. Doug Levitt trained in different fields of education before settling on a profession as a columnist with CNN and shifting to London, U.K. and then embarking on the artistic profession. Levitt talks of growing up as a child in Washington D.C. which at times gave him a hard time to comprehend the lower classes of communities all over the world, especially as the economy of the U.S. capital is regularly depicted as having a proof for recession. Living and working in the capital of the U.K., London drove Doug Levitt to change his mind set in life towards music and analyzing the lives of those battling inside society. Levitt believes the media news usually concentrate on the major cities while the life realities are far more effortlessly comprehended outside the key metropolitan places.