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Wen by Chaz Conditioning Cleanser Totally Approved For Women

When a man or woman reaches the age of 25 they begin to notice changes in their hair texture, oils, and thickness. The man may be losing his hair because of the hats he is wearing. He may wash it too much or he may be putting too many products in his hair. Of course, he may have the male baldness gene and hair loss is inevitable for him. A woman’s hair may begin to thin because of stress. If a woman is nervous or eats wrong, she may lose some of her hair. A woman may have problems with her hair if she uses hair dryers and curling irons a lot. This is where products like Wen hair by Chaz come in great. Wen can help a woman’s hair reverse for the better. The thin hair becomes thicker because the follicles begin to plump. After a week using Wen, a woman will notice a big difference in her hairs health. It will begin to look as it did when she was younger.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a product that is highly recommended on shows such as QVC. Anyone can take a bottle of conditioning cleanser and wash their hair. Anyone will notice, immediately, the thicker fuller feel of their hair. Wen is all natural with healthy ingredients that give hair more life and stamina. Washing your hair in Wen will allow you to have the bounce and shine you did when you were in your teens.

Beautiful hair begins with Wen by Chaz. Wen has many different products that can change the health of your hair. Wen offers products on such as the no shampoo cleansing product. Wen offers a conditioning cleanser that is shampoo and conditioner as well as a styler in one. Use any of these products and your hair will come to life. Man or woman, your hair will look better than it has in years.

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Brian Bonar’s Achievements In The Financial World

Brian Bonar is a successful financial expert whose 30 year-service in the financial industry has won him a wealth of experience and an opportunity to scoop different distinguished awards. His outstanding professional achievements saw him receive the Who’s Who award in 2000. The Who’s Who Executive of the Year is a highly coveted award that is given to one male and one female in specific discipline each year.

The award recognizes professional achievements based on leadership skills and academic accomplishments. In 2010, Brian Bonar scooped the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award in Finance. He is also known for his exemplary leadership skills. Brian is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has provided transformative stewardship that has resulted in the company’s success at creating an outstanding legacy in the financial industry.

Dalrada Financial Group seeks to increase business efficiency by providing employee programs for different firms in the country. Some of these programs include financial management, workman’s compensation and management insurance. Under his leadership, Brian has ensured that clients get tailored solutions for their specific needs while their assets are protected.

Mr. Brian is also the CEO and Chairman of Trucept, Inc. Trucept Company offers diverse solutions, including payroll and taxes management services for small businesses. In addition, the company offers risk management services and oversees human resource documentation of the companies.

In 2015, Brian played a pivotal role in boosting the company’s assets by almost $2 million besides enhancing its income by $1 million. This information was originally reported on Bitsy link as provided in the following link

The financial veteran attended the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland where he received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He pursued his master’s and doctorate degrees in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England. Previously, Bonar was the CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services. He was also the secretary and chairman of Warning Management Services where he once served as the CEO.

His outstanding career has seen him serve in companies such as Amanda Co. Inc. as an acting CEO and CFO. Brian has also held a post of treasurer and secretary in the same company. Brian’s extensive career saw him work for IBM in Asia, United States and Europe for close to 18 years. While at the company, he introduced AMS outsourcing and expanded the firm’s operations into the Mexican market.

PR Newswire reported that Brian Bonar’s boundless career has helped him hold top leadership positions in numerous companies. He has a deep understanding of sales and marketing. Previously, he has served as a vice president in charge of sales, sales manager, and director of technology sales.

Some of the companies that have enlisted his services are Solvis Group, Rastek Corp, Bezier Systems, Greenland Corp, Smart-Tek Automated Services, Tradeshow Products Inc, American Marine LLC, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego and Alliance National Insurance Company.


The Benefits of not Washing Your Hair Daily

This can be a strange topic for most people, but it is important to write about. The general population believes it is important to wash hair on a daily basis, but it can actually be damaging to your hair for various reasons. We are going to cover a few of these bases and provide some fantastic tips to maintaining healthier hair.

For those that dye their hair, daily washes makes your hair color out faster. It ends up becoming muted and plain, which leads to having to dye your hair more. Daily washing also removes the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and beautiful. It strips these oils and you will find more issues when attempting to straighten, curl, or use other heat-oriented hair styling tools. Maintaining your hair’s moisture with these natural oils helps in the long run. There will be far less build up from all of the product used on a day to day basis.

Wen by Chaz have many products that help keep hair looking fresh and healthy without washing it daily. There are replenishing treatment mists. For those that aren’t comfortable with not washing it daily, there are formulas especially made for daily usage.

In the long and short of it, you will end up saving money while saving your hair. Wen by Chaz is especially formulated to last for a long time while using it properly. By not shampooing daily, this will save you much more. Not only that, but you will be able to save your hair from more heat treatment like hair-drying. Once cutting back on the washes, you will find that it is much easier to style your hair. Just make sure to use healthy hair styling formulas by Wen. They are made to maintain the health or make hair even healthier. Wen products are sold on Amazon and Guthy-Renker online shops.

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Malini Saba And Time Management

When it comes to running a business, the most important aspects to running a business is money management and time management. In my experience, time management is much more important to the success of an individual. Working independently, people earn money a bit differently from when they worked by the hour. I myself am paid by the amount of work I get done. Therefore, I have to pace myself so that I make a good amount of money. However, the money that I earn could be calculated by the hour, but time management is still more important to me than money management, because money is not going to come all by itself.


Malini Saba has shown a lot of good time management. For one thing, she has learned how to prioritize. Her ability to manage time as well as prioritize the tasks that she does is one of the reasons that she is able to run a successful business and take the time to raise her daughter all by herself. This shows that she is a great role model for men as well as women. She is especially a great role model to her daughter. She could teach her all about time management as well.


One thing that has helped Malini with time management was that she was able to focus on her task. As a result, she was able to get more done. She has learned to focus all of her time on her work, especially with the opposition she has received. She has also learned not to let things at work stress her out so that she can continue to be a good mother to her daughter. This allows her daughter the structure that children need so that they can develop.


Malini is someone who is worth looking up to for her daughter. As long as she provides the right balance in her daughter’s life, she will learn enough that is needed to take over the business when the time comes. One thing that Malini Saba has learned is to not let distractions take over and to also take care of all of the high priority tasks before taking on the lower priority tasks.

What The Magnises Card is All About

There aren’t many of us that wouldn’t like belonging to a members only club that offers some fabulous perks. With the new black card created by young entrepeneur Billy McFarland and his newest venture Magnises, it is possible to belong to this club. The idea seems simple where after an application is filled out and phone interview conducted a decision is made on whether or not the applicant receives a Magnises card.

The difference between this card and a standard credit card is that this card gets linked to a debit or credit card the member already has. The difference is the perks with the Magnises card are one of a kind. First of all there is a clubhouse for members in the great and trendy neighborhood of The West Village.

Members are encouraged to come over to Greenwich Avenue and use the place for meetings or just to meet with other members. Billy knows how to network and this is just one of the ways for members to do just that.

Having the Magnise card has other advantages that Billy has launched only in New York City. Building relationships with top-notch trainers and gyms, restaurants, and other social and educational venues Billy is hoping to offer benefits to having their card with events for members only.

Hosting events for members that enrich and develop relationships within their community. With membership being inclusive to many different types of people and different industries the hope is for Magnise to build a community of sharing. Currently Magnises is available in NYC, DC, and San Francisco and eventually in more cities.

According to CNBC, Billy McFarland is working this new venture with investors and advisors that have the experience and knowledge from top companies like Mastercard, Def Jam, and top advertising firm Oglivy & Mather.

This like McFarland’s other venture, digital customer acquisition and optimization company Spling is sure to be another hit from this young man. The long term goal for Billy McFarland is to copy this model into other cities. In a time when social media seems the normal form of communication this card is actually encouraging a more face to face approach.

Billy McFarland is a bit of a phenom even though he has been generating great ideas since he was a pre-teen. He has multiple philanthropic ventures and works extremely hard to share his knowledge and love of learning with young students. This is only his most current venture but it’s evident he will continue to use his great ideas to change the way technology and people work together.

IAP Worldwide: the leading service provider in global-scale statistics and facilities management

IAP is a service company based in the United States of America offering a wide range of solutions and services to the U.S as well as international organizations and agencies. The company headquarters are found in Cape Canaveral, Florida. IAP has over a 100 locations that can be found in about 20 countries worldwide. Some of its offices besides Cape Canaveral are found in cities such as Washington, DC; London in the United Kingdom as well as Panama City, Florida. There are also offices found in the Middle East.

IAP specializes in offering a wide range of services such as global-scale statistics as well as services such as facilities management. IAP also specializes in offering advanced professional and technical services. The firm has over 2000 employees. The services may range from natural disaster management to offering services in the battlefield. The company maintains and at the same time makes military installations regardless of their sizes on Monster. The company has been offering its services for more than 60 years and has built a reputation for itself. IAP is one of the most reliable and most responsive companies in the industry known for exceeding customer’s expectations.

To increase its base of operation on, IAP recently acquired DRS Technologies. Inc., a company, located in Oklahoma, OK.IAP also acquired Tactical Communications and Network Solutions Company, located in Aberdeen. The acquisition of these two companies will allow IAP to deliver services to its customers worldwide more efficiently and effectively. Also, the acquisition will help double the size of IAP market on LinkedIn. These newly acquired ventures will be integrated as a new unit, forming the Aviation and engineering solutions. This will join with the already existing national security programs unit. These additional units will act as a natural boost for IAP and will go a long way in expanding IAP portfolio of services being delivered. The acquisition of these two additional units is a sign of IAP commitment to serving government customers.

IAP played a key role in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Readiness management support, RMS, which is a division of IAP played a key role in the construction and development of Afghanistan’s air traffic control system. During this project, IAP acted as the Air Force Contract Augmentation program contractor. Some of the services that IAP offered includes; design of new airways as well as delivering, maintaining and installation of communication equipment to be used for radio coverage the airways. Finally, IAP was also responsible for ensuring that they offer final flight check for the instrument flight rules services.

Results That Can Not Be Overlooked With WEN

Not too long ago a writer for Bustle tested out the WEN cleansing conditioner product that was produced by Chaz Dean. She published her review of the product on bustle along with any before an after pictures to give her readers something real they could see the gauge the results. In the end, the product left her with shiny hair that had more bounce than ever, and once she started getting compliments on the new look of her hair, it took her not time at all to decide to keep on using Wen hair indefinitely.
What’s great about WEN cleansing conditioners is that they can be used on nearly all types of hair, fine or thick. It can also be used on damaged hair that needs repairing. Regardless of what it may be, any women can find results with WEN, which will leave their hair feeling soft and make it more manageable than ever. The 5 in 1 formula contained within each WEN bottle allows it to take the place of other shampoos and conditioners that may already be in a women’s routine.

WEN cleansing conditioners come in different varieties for different types of hair, and all bottles come at the modest price of $40. This is a bargain when considering how much it costs for a similar premium hair care product at a salon. They are also readily available through online retailers such as eBay, Sephora, Guthy-Renker and Amazon and are always delivered in a timely manner. WEN even has a support line that can be called in case of any problems or issues a customer may be experiencing with ordering their product or using it.

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Why Is Thor Halvorssen Talking About American Elections?

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen is one of the more uniquely qualified people in the world who can talk about elections in America. He is a multicultural man who is a native of Venezuela. He became a member of the government in Venezuela where he saw what a corrupt government could do to a country, and he runs the Human Rights Foundation today to help people who are fighting corrupt government. He started with an office in New York City, but that soon grew to a place that has offices around the world.

There are a lot of efforts that the Human Rights Foundation puts its money and energy behind, but Thor Halvorssen is trying to talk to the American people about their elections. He has seen a lot of bad people in government do terrible things to their people. He has seen such terrible things happen that he cannot even fathom them all, and he does not want Americans to vote for someone who wishes to change the way they govern themselves.

Everyone who wants to be involved in human rights efforts around the world needs to be sure that they have reached out to the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen is willing to help everyone get involved in a campaign that is making the world a better place. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor Halvoessen wants to be sure that there is no more injustice in the world, and he believes that that can happen with help from his foundation. There is no better way to solve the problems of the world than to vote for the right people, and Thor Halvorssen hopes that Americans see that when they punch their ballot.

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The Shiny, Silky Hair You Always Wanted

There is a definite change in her hair when comparing her before picture to her after picture after using Wen for just one week. While she felt an oily texture to her hair it is not obvious when looking at the pictures as you can notice her hair has shine and appears healthy. Her friends even noticed the shine to her hair after just using this product a few days. Perhaps someone with thin and fine hair should use less product at first to avoid this oily feeling, but someone with thick and coarse hair could greatly benefit from the added moisture to their hair. Regardless, Wen has left her hair looking more healthy and more alive.
After this process you can follow up your hair care with styling sprays, oils, creams, mousses and many other products that Wen has to offer to give your hair even added manageability and long-lasting style throughout your day. You have a choice of a variety of scents that leave your hair smelling fresh, including lavender, apple, sweet honey peach, cucumber aloe and many others. These products are available for purchase online, visit

After only a week, there is a definite improvement in the appearance of her hair after using Wen products. Shiny, silky and manageable hair is what we all desire and Wen does not disappoint in achieving this with the added benefit of convenience. This only boosts self confidence to help you succeed in your professional life along with your personal life on an everyday basis. Visit the WENsite: Check out Wen’s YouTube channel for product testimonials and more info.


IAP Worldwide’s Continued Growth and Evolution

IAP Worldwide has been a global leader in providing international services for over half a century. The company works hard to provide a safe means of procuring innovative and reliable solutions for customers sometimes hard to solve problems. The Main Base of IAP Worldwide is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company has locations worldwide spread throughout 30 countries and 100 locations. IAP Worldwide operates in nearly any circumstance, no matter if it involves a natural disaster or a war torn nation. The broad years of expertise of the company sere it well in executing complex plans most companies would deem to risky.

The long and illustrious history of IAP Worldwide began in 1953 as Pan Am World Services in the state of Florida. Pan Am went on to build the first space launch in the United States. The company was a supporter of hundreds of launches during its 45 years active.

Pan Am World Services was acquired by Johnson Controls in 1989, later becoming the world renowned Johnson Controls Worldwide. Johnson Controls Worldwide would evolve into the overall leader in maintenance of military facilities. Despite Johnson Controls Worldwide’s success, the company would turn over the reigns to another company years later.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

In 2005, IAP, in an effort to expand their operation, bought out Johnson Control Worldwide, evolving into IAP Worldwide Services. Originally established to supply power generators to the United States Army in 1990, the company efficient work was rewarded with landing several international procurements.

IAP Worldwide began a company strategy of breaking into three separate parts of business known as, Base Operation Support Services, Technical and Professional Services, and Global Operations and Logistics. The company built on the ideal of being able to solve complex problems, while finding time for humanitarian activities.

These days, IAP Worldwide has around 2,500 employees throughout 110 countries and several locations. They make sure to take the right precautions to protect the environment while offering advanced healthcare to victims due to their knowledge of science and technology.

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