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The Philanthropic Endeavors at Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Almost all of the anesthesiologists at Capitol Anesthesiology Association have been board certified in anesthesiology. Some of the anesthesiologists have specialties in areas such as local anesthesia or pediatric anesthesia. Those who are not completely board certified have already completed their initial training and are working on board certification presently. They will soon be completely board certified and will continue working at Capitol Anesthesiology Association and doing a great job.

Not only is Capitol Anesthesiology Association one of the leading anesthesiology associations in the United States, but it’s also a philanthropic organization that gives back to the community. Many of the physicians and other health professionals who are employed through the Capitol Anesthesiology Association work actively in the Austin, Texas community. Some even work in different places around the nation in underserved communities that need extra medical care. Furthermore, select physicians from the Capitol Anesthesiology Association move around the world to give high-quality medical care to underserved countries. This happens on a regular basis, and Capitol Anesthesiology Association is proud of their dedicated service.

In the Austin, Texas area particularly, Capitol Anesthesiology Association works closely with area philanthropic organizations and services. For example, they support Family Eldercare, Partnerships for Children, Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile and the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach.

If you would like more information on Capitol Anesthesiology Association, contact them directly or visit them in Austin, Texas. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is proud to be the lead anesthesiologists office in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.

The Week Long WEN Challenge and the Results With Fine Hair Texture

When it comes to our hair, we all want that beautiful, silky hair that looks camera ready no matter what time of the day. Hair comes in 3 textures which are fine, medium, and coarse. And each one faces its challenges. I feel that fine hair is the most challenging hair texture to have. The reason for this is that if you use the wrong products, it could weigh the hair down. This results in limp, oily looking hair by the end of the day. A young hair dresser decided to try WEN out and see if all the Twitter hype around it was real or not. For a day to day account with WEN, look here.

The first thing this young lady encountered that seemed odd to her was the amount of cleansing shampoo it called for her hair. 16 pumps to be exact, which is the minimum amount she used. She instantly worried it would weigh her hair down but much to her surprise as she was working the product in her hair that it was already beginning to feel thicker. As she finished up, drying, then styling her hair; she loved the end results. Her hair felt and looked healthier. For seven days she used WEN and she concluded that if you wash your hair daily with Wen hair, then this was the product for you. She found that if she skipped her daily routine that her hair became oilier and unmanageable until she washed it.

WEN was created by Chaz Dean. He is an upscale salon owner of Chaz Dean Studios. His passion for hair begins as he ran his photography business. Dean then jumped right into cosmetology courses and landed his first job at an upscale salon. From there he managed that salon, bought the salon, and made it his. He caters to numerous celebrity clients. From there he developed his own Sephora hair care line that is affordable to everyone.

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Who is Andrea McWilliams?

A person’s destiny is determined by the choices they make as a young person and particularly the kind of education they decide to pursue. For others like Andrea McWilliams, there are other factors that determine their success. From an early age, Andrea McWilliams was destined to succeed as she became the chief of staff at the age of 21. This is a feat that had never being achieved before at such a tender age. Today, she is known as a political fundraiser and strategist from the state of Texas. She is famous for her attention to detail and the ability to combine grace and patience.

Andrea McWilliams not only works for the public sector but also works for the private sector. In the past, she has featured on several media outlets to discuss her ideologies .She has featured on the Fox News, USA Today, NPR as well as BBC and CNN. Other than political engagements and ambitions, Andrea McWilliams speaks for women and believes that they can occupy the same positions occupied by men. As a business woman, Andrea McWilliams is the face behind the firm called McWilliams together with her husband. Despite having different party affiliations, she and her husband can put these differences together and serve clients to their level best.

Outside politics, Andrea McWilliams, is also known for her involvement with several philanthropic causes such as the All Stars foundation that focuses on helping the less privileged people in Texas. She serves on the board of several organizations such as Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Mexi-Arte Museum and HeartGift. She also serves on other boards such as Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, St. David’s Hospital Toast and Art-house.

She has also being recognized for her good work by several awards such as the Profiles in Power Awards and the Texas Women Chambers award.


Jason Hope Has Predictions For The Future

The Internet Of Things
The internet of things is an exciting and important technology. We see its use in common household appliances, but it also includes cars and many other things we do not often expect. Despite the amazing things e see today, this is only the beginning. The future of the internet of things is going to take us to heights we’ve never imagined. Given his track record of predicting future trends in technology this is something we can bet on for certain.

What Jason Hope Sees Ahead
Jason Hope believes the internet of things will drastically improve the quality of technology currently in its infancy such as self driving cars. This will lead to a new way of developing software. Instead of competing developers will try to find ways to combine their software in order to produce a synergy that will allow customers to make the most of their products. Your house could be made “smarter” while your car could utilize IoT in order to find a more effective way for you to reach your destination. This would result in a new era for software and for industry in general.


What Will This Mean?
Jason Hope doesn’t come from the Silicon Valley school of thought. He has created his vision of the future from Scottsdale Arizona and brings that perspective with him. Despite this it isn’t hard to see how this could all come true. We see the changes around us all the time.

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Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air is Merging With Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. This is going to be great for the Las Vegas community because Goettl Air can provide them with better and more services including plumbing. They also have many years experience working in extremely rough weather conditions, that include the desert-like climate. You really need a good heating and air conditioning unit to withstand these harsh weather conditions when others cannot.

The CEO of Goettl is a bit of a philanthropist himself. His name is Kenneth Goodrich and loves to bettering his local community. He started the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment fund so that students and veterans can go to HVAC classes. This company that Kenneth created gives scholarships to those in need to start off their career in the industry. The J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment also donates air conditioning and heating units to school that have been robbed and/or vandalized. This way the students can stay warm and cool during their time in school. Kenneth Goodrich recently donated tools worth $1000 to the College of Southern Nevada.

The Goettl Air Conditioning merger is going to really help out the Las Vegas community. Goettl will gain 15 more service trucks and 20 more employees, which are all enthusiastic about the merger because it will all improve their lives too.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a longstanding business that has been around since 1939. It was internationally recognized for its innovation when it comes to heating and air conditioning equipment.

It all started with brothers John, Bill, and Adam when they moved from Ohio to Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. They were looking for new opportunities during the Great Depression. With hard work and determination they built their Goettl Air Conditioning business from the ground up.


Former Banker Mike Baur Leaps Into Startup Acceleration

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory which is headquartered in Zürich. Baur spent several years in the banking industry including positions as the Head of Private Banking for both Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank AG. The Swiss news source announced in 2014 that Mike Baur had quit the field of banking and gone into business for himself.

The first company he founded was Bainso where he worked with Swiss startups that showed promise. Mike Baur lent the entrepreneurs behind these companies not only his extensive expertise but also his broad network of venture investors. At the time Baur said that the primary difficulty startups face with financing is finding the right transaction at the right time. He went on to say that he helped entrepreneurs develop sustainable strategies and how to implement them.

At Swiss Startup Factory, which was founded in 2015, Baur has refined how to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground by developing the company’s 3 month Acceleration Program. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs go from an idea to market in 3 months time. The services that Swiss Startup Factory offers it clients is a collaborative workspace, mentoring, expert input, and a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors to support them.

Mike Baur also came up with the idea of “Founders Stories” on the Swiss Startup Factory website that features entrepreneurs talking about what made them successful when launching a business, especially the disruptive, creative ones that the company specializes in. In Mike Baur’s Founders Story he talks about his experiences launching businesses and his history in banking. One of the things he talks about is how traditional the world of banking is and how he is anything but traditional. He was excited to leave the world of banking behind and instead launch into a career where he helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams. He also discusses how if you expect to launch a new company it requires a really good work ethic as a lot of hard work is necessarily involved.

Among the startups that Mike Baur is currently working with is Avaneo which is developing a technically advanced automated accounting system for small businesses. Another interesting company Baur supports is WeaVR which will offer a social virtual reality experience. Their technology will allow people to virtually share their stories with others that make use of photos, video, and VR media.


WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Wen by Chaz is a line of products offered by Chaz Dean, who is a stylist and product line designer. Chaz works with a host of celebrities and originally became interested in hair styling after being a photographer.

The Web by Chaz line of products that is designed by using natural formulas. Wen has products for women, men, children and even pets! A quick visit to the official website will allow users to search for Wen products by formula or category, and even features a chat help window for consumers that may be brand new to the products.

In a recent article by Bustle writer Emily McClure (, she details using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner for the first time over a period of seven days including a picture each day to chronicle the journey.

Throughout the week, McClure noted that when using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner, her hair was much more shiny and soft than when using her regular day to day routine. At the end of one evening, while at a bar with friends, they even noted how shiny her hair was late at night and after washing it that morning. Each morning when she washed and blow dried her hair, McClure was impressed with the shine and softness that the conditioner provided.

Trialed and tested by celebrities and Bustle writers alike, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is part of a line of products that help consumers everywhere attain the hair that they have always dreamed of. Wen products are available online on Amazon.

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The Prominence Of Sam Tabar In The Financial And Legal Sector

Sam Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and attorney from New York City. The several companies he has been associated with have prospered tremendously from his hard work. The developments he has made have significantly impacted the financial and legal sector.

Sam attained top honors from Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then continued to Columbia Law School. Here he was the associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Throughout his career, he has been successfully changing and improving the systems of the firms he has worked for. Sam Tabar started off his career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, and Flom LLC. After this, he moved on to the world of business development and capital strategy.

Art Station believes that Sam Tabar also worked for PMA Investment Advisors, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based, Sparx Group Co. Here, he took on the duties of managing director and co-head of business development.

He designed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that targeted large family-owned organizations, institutional investors, and clients of high net worth globally. He managed to provide the firm with up to 2000 qualified potential investors.

According to, Sam Tabar then proceeded to work at the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch as the director and head of capital strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. He was charged with the responsibility of providing advice to hedge fund clients, marketing in the area, and managing the family corporations and endowments.

He also assisted the management with the investment strategies and the allocation cycle of the fund managers. Sam was integral in facilitating introductions between institutional investors and the fund managers.

His return to legal practice was characterized by employment at Schulte Roth and Zabel, LLP. Here, he operated as a senior associate dealing with capital formation and structure, hedge funds, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

As director of Adanac LCC, BVI, Sam started investing in American startups such as Thinx and Verboten.

Thinx is a firm that aims to empower women socially by revolutionizing the feminine hygiene industry. The company specializes in fashionable underwear to support women’s incontinence and menstruation. Each garment purchased will contribute to the provision of reusable sanitary towels to women in Africa through AFRIpads initiative.

Sam Tabar’s decision to invest in Verboten is due to his keen interest in event hosting and a wealth of experience in successful management.

He currently serves as the chief operations officer of FullCycle Energy Fund and the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel.

A Review Of Troy McQuagge’s Career

In the recent awards ceremony, Troy McQuagge was announced as the Gold Winner. The chief executive officer of USHEALTH was named the CEO of the Year. The One Planet Awards is one of the most prestigious awards. The global award program honors both business and professional excellence in each industry. Global organizations, including for-profit, non-profit, public, and private entities are eligible to tender their nominations for the awards.

Troy McQuagge became an employee of USHEALTH in 2010. His immediate mission after assuming his duties was to turn around the organization by re-building the firm’s distribution unit, USHEALTH Advisors. He was successful with his initial task of re-engineering USHEALTH Advisors. Due to this accomplishment, he was appointed to work as the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Under McQuagge’s leadership, USHEALTH Group has registered success with its profitability and growth objectives.

Commenting on the award, McQuagge noted that it was an honor to receive the well-regarded One Planet Awards recognition. Moreover, he pointed out that the recognition was to be shared by all employees of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He posited that the achievement was a demonstration of USHEALTH Group Inc’s continued dedication to solving customers’ healthcare affordability problem. The corporation will continue with its mission of providing clients with adequate coverage.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a respected entrepreneur and corporate executive. He is an alumnus of the esteemed University of Central Florida. A native of Panama City, McQuagge lives in Coppell, Texas. For over 30 years, he has rendered his services to different companies in sales related leadership positions. Troy has spent a huge part of his career in insurance sales. He ventured in his field immediately after graduating. Over the years, he has gained immense leadership and interpersonal skills. In 1983, McQuagge joined Allstate Insurance. For 12 solid years, Troy worked for this company. Later, he joined Health Market.

McQuagge started working for USHEALTH Advisors in 2010. He joined the firm as the president and CEO. He was responsible for the company’s health insurance sales, profitability, and strategic growth. In the sales subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Troy specialized in providing services to people below 65 years of age.



Hedge Fund Manager And Philanthropist- George Soros

George Soros who is a Hedge fund manager is considered to be one of the most politically powerful man on earth. He began restructuring the political landscape of different countries in the world since the 1980s. George Soros has even gone to the extent of playing the role of tumbling regimes that has reined the nation for years. George Soros is also a great contributor of the United States of America politics. Mr. George Soros has been contributing to the political world through his time and resources which are derived from assets of about $13 billion.

However, George Soros sees his contribution as a passion and him as a missionary of with a marvelous mandate to transform the world into a better place with the best institutions. For a long period, Soros has been considered as the voice to the sense of grandiosity, and he has been doing this in a variety of ways. Mr. George is an author who has written several books including; under writing democracy which he wrote in 1991, and in 1987 he wrote the Alchemy of finance. In his books, George Soros talks then the truth about himself. In his books, George confesses that he has seen himself as vital and a messianic from a young age.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on 12th August 1930. Soros is a no-practicing Jews. George began his career when serving at London Brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander. George later moved to New York to work as a stock trader on Wall Street. His exposure and experience in the financial sector On Politico, led George to established Double Eagle fund in 1969. The firm expanded and he renamed the firm to Soros Fund and later to Quantum fund.

George Soros is not only a hedge fund expert, but he is also largely involved in charitable community activities on Biography. Soros began his philanthropic activities in 1989 in his country of origin by founding Open Society Foundation. As years went by, he began to make donations to various groups and charitable organizations in his country. Open Society has expanded and now has operations in more than 70 countries. In 1993 Gorge Soros launched the flagship of Soros Foundation in New York. The foundation was named Open Society Institution and has extended its services and contribution to several nations. George Soros is also a big supporter of the refuges and in 2106 he made enormous contributions of about $500 million to companies and organizations managed by immigrants and refugees. Over the years Mr. Soros has also given gifts to several immigrants’ organizations on Forbes.

George Soros is a go-getter, and he is very determined to not only see his goals come to pass but also the goals and dreams of others. George attended London School of Economics.