Not too long ago a writer for Bustle tested out the WEN cleansing conditioner product that was produced by Chaz Dean. She published her review of the product on bustle along with any before an after pictures to give her readers something real they could see the gauge the results. In the end, the product […]

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen is one of the more uniquely qualified people in the world who can talk about elections in America. He is a multicultural man who is a native of Venezuela. He became a member of the government in Venezuela where he saw what a corrupt government could do to a […]

There is a definite change in her hair when comparing her before picture to her after picture after using Wen for just one week. While she felt an oily texture to her hair it is not obvious when looking at the pictures as you can notice her hair has shine and appears healthy. Her friends […]

IAP Worldwide has been a global leader in providing international services for over half a century. The company works hard to provide a safe means of procuring innovative and reliable solutions for customers sometimes hard to solve problems. The Main Base of IAP Worldwide is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company has locations worldwide […]

It should be the goal of every website to appear as high in the google rankings as possible. Search results are more important to some companies than they are to others. It is important that a company always being striving for growth in this area, though. Here are 4 ways that any website can improve […]

Chapped lips are a common worry for people. For one thing, lips are already one of the driest part of the body. It is important to keep them moist. However, there are points when the lips become so dry that they become chapped. This could result in issues like peeling and even bleeding. It is […]

If there was a grant that gave money to people that were thinking outside of the box most people would jump at the chance to pitch their idea. I think that this is why the Spark Tank is going to do so well. It gives people the opportunity to reach inside of themselves and pull […]

During the month of April, Dubai is set to host a mega fun-filled festival in a bid to mark this year’s autism awareness month, which will be held on April 1. Performances by both Tyga and Flo Rida are some of the key events scheduled for the festival. Each month of April marks a significant […]

Andy Wirth is a businessman, a nature enthusiast, as well as a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to not only help the environment and to enjoy it, but to also help others enjoy the beauty of nature. With over 25 years of experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry, Andy Wirth is now […]